Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Gratitude

Well, Thanksgiving is over and, as usual, I took almost no pictures. After a good start photographing the holiday table (note the thanksgiving messages - a tradition we started last year)

and getting a quick snap of Marianna

and one of Jamie peeling potatoes,

the camera was set down and forgotten. I've always had a sense of the photographer being separated from the holiday fun, so I don't really mind being the absent-minded shooter. It demonstrates that I'm totally present to all the fun of the holiday and the little people who are such a joy to be with.

While we were enjoying Thanksgiving in Woodstock, Ray and Jessie were in Chicago celebrating Chris's graduation from basic school on the 26th, another good reason to give thanks. He will be off soon on a new assignment, but according to Jessie the Navy prefers correspondents not to say where so I'll just say he will definitely be enjoying a seafaring adventure at some point in the future. Good luck, Christopher! You look great in your uniform, sailor. I'll post a few pictures when I get them in a format I can copy.

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Martina said...

i agree with that sentiment. it took a stinkin' blog and a camera upgrade to get me back into it and photography is supposed to be my *thing*. just goes to show it's far more fun to lounge around and visit than to remember to capture those memories, lol.