Saturday, November 15, 2008

Keeping up with Cousins on the Family Tree

Anybody who knows me well is aware of my idea of a real pet. It has four legs a looong tale and is a lot bigger than a breadbox. You can also saddle it and ride off into the sunset. Most young girls dream of having a horse. I'm the old lady with the dream. Most girls say their mean parents won't let them have one; with me it's my mean husband. Well...not really. I can't say I want the work or expense either. But I'm jealous of my cousin who has....well....I'm not sure how many horses Kathy has...maybe four or five. Sounds like heaven to me.

To orient all my kids and non-Schneiders to family relations, Kathy is my Aunt Rita's daughter. Rita was my dad's sister. He was the oldest. She was the next oldest. Aunt Rita died in her forties. But I still remember her very well from visits at our house in Cleveland Heights. We lived there when I was 5 until about 8 and they lived on the other side of town close to my grandparents in Lakewood.

Kathy now lives in Denver and I had the delight of getting together with her two years ago when I was in Denver for a meeting. We had a nice lunch and Kathy brought a photo album of all her "babies." And here are two of them (along with Kathy). and here's the info Kathy sent about the photos. "The one with the cart is me with my mare Maizie taken Nov. 1,2008. The other picture of me in the saddle is my mare Cami and taken in May this year." Now I want to take a trip out to Denver to go riding with Kathy. I can show off my bad form and hang on for dear life if we canter!

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