Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20 -- Is It Really Winter?

The bees don't think so.

It's over 70 degrees and we went out to check our three hives. Everybody is busy and plenty of pollen is coming in. We planned to put in some sugar cakes, but the top boxes on all three hives were still so heavy with honey we decided to leave them alone. They obviously have stores enough for now. And since the weather is expected to be in the upper 50s to 70s during the day for the next two weeks all is looking good. The strongest hive (Madeleine) has the newest queen from last Summer. The second strongest is Bianca with a queen from 2015.

Friday, February 10, 2017

On Recycling and Making Valentines!

I'm a saver. I save old Christmas cards, all old cards as a matter of fact. I deflate old Mylar balloons and use them for crafts and wrapping paper. I save buttons when I turn worn out clothes into rags. And today is the reason I do it.

Three little grandkids came for a sleepover last night and here's what we've been doing. Other valentines are already in envelopes to mail. Now we just have to decide who the lucky recipients are for these treasures.