Friday, September 29, 2017

When a Thrifty Cook Gets Started, Results Can Be Interesting!

Well the apples just keep coming and coming and I'm determined to use them. Since one shelf in the freezer is already over half full with frozen apple sauce, I've been trying make (or bake) some different kinds of goodies.

Since I also had a blender full of bread bits and several biscuits (from Cracker Barrel) and some cinnamon bread in the freezer (a delicious yeast bread from a friend), I decided to make Apple Brown Betty. As I broke up the bread and read the recipe, I decided some of my bread was too hard for a good result.

Glorifying God in the Finger Lakes Region

No matter where we travel in this great country I find myself bursting into song. I call those my "How Great Thou Art" moments. Look at the photos below and ask yourself how you could possibly not glorify God in His creation. And these are just a few of the waterfalls we've seen on our trip. There has been much, much more. When you look around remember that everything you see was created by our great God for our pleasure. He loves us so much He surrounded us with beauty. In our gratitude we must, absolutely must praise and thank Him.