Sunday, January 20, 2019

Poor Bees

St. Gobnait, patron of beekeepers,
Pray for us!
Winter is setting in with a vengeance the next few weeks. Tonight the temps are expected to drop to single digits and for the next few weeks we will mostly see highs only in the 30s. That means the bees are clustered and can't break out to eat or fly. (Even bees need to go potty.)

 The temps aren't the only things impacting the bees. It's supposed to be grey and mostly cloudy in coming days. That means no sun warming up the hives internally. So they will be clustered and if the food is too far away they can literally starve to death.

These are the days I turn to all the patron saints of bee keepers and those who kept bees. St. Ambrose and St. Valentine are patrons, but there are others. St. Isidore the Farmer probably knew the value of bees for pollination and maybe even kept some.