Saturday, November 8, 2008

The big bad wolf reminds me of liberals

I had an appointment in northern virginia on Thursday so I took the opportunity to go visit my favorite Fairfax family -- trips off the tongue in a nice way doesn't it? When I got there Ryan wanted me to read a book he got at the library about a wolf who wanted to make pancakes and tried to get help from his neighbors. It was a little red hen kind of story. He had to do everything himself. And when the nice smells started filling the area all the nasty neighbors who wouldn't help him read the recipe, or shop, etc. showed up at the door to help eat the pancakes. The wolf let them in and when they were all in the kitchen he went in and ate them all....then he ate the pancakes. It was definitely politically incorrect. That wolf acted like a wolf. It sure made me laugh! But on the other hand I have a feeling it's a parable about how the kind and gentle liberals will treat conservatives. Obama's chief of staff once sent a dead fish to a political enemy and he has a reputation for getting even with anyone who crosses him. Things are likely to get pretty nasty. Which means I need to read more stories to my darlings, cuddle and rock, and play cootie. And not only did I have fun with the kids, I had a great girls' dinner out with Tara. When we came back, the kids ate her leftover fish and chips (smart kids!).

When I need some sanity, which is often, you'll find me with a baby on my lap or a toddler by the hand or down by the river skipping rocks with an 8-year-old. They're the reason I fight to restore the culture of life after all and they keep me smiling while I do it. By the way...have you prayed the rosary today?

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