Friday, March 26, 2010

Flowers and Birthday Wishes

My mom always said, "Red and yellow catch a fellow." And I sure caught a great fellow, although don't know whether red and yellow had anything to do with it. But I thought of what Mom used to say today when Neil and Martina sent two dozen red roses for my birthiday. The forsythia in the back is blooming and I added a few sprigs to the vase in honor of my mom. Thanks for the beautiful roses and the memory, Neil, Martina, and assorted kids. (That's how they signed the card which gave me a smile. An assortment of sweeties like Godiva chocolates.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ultrasound Was Scheduled for Today...

Neil and Martina just called and the word is in on grandbaby # 19. Drum roll please!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fish and frog kissing

While we were in Wilmington, NC in October we went to the aquarium near Fort Fisher. What a great place. It had a huge tank with an assortment of fish and several times a day they have a show with a diver in the tank wearing special gear that allows him to talk. There was another diver in the tank doing some cleaning but he couldn't talk. If I recall correctly the diver doing the program was a former Navy seal. The aquarium was small but definitely worth a visit! I especially enjoyed the display of the jellyfish (or maybe they were anemones) because they used changing colored lights in the tank which made them glow. Beautiful! They had alligators including an albino, a stingray touching tank (stingers removed), and a beautiful see turtle. Walking their boardwalk outside I came upon a frog and I decided to see if he was an enchanted prince. Fortunately, I did not turn into a frog after our kiss, but neither did he become a prince. I wonder how many tourists have taken this same picture!