Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flowers and a Walk for Mother's Day

What a great day! Larry and I borrowed our youngest grandchild (except for the little one coming in August),Marianna, and went over to the Massanutten Mountain Story Trail for the walk out to the observation deck overlooking the Luray Valley. It was windy sweatshirt weather, but sunny and beautiful. Marianna enjoyed blowing bubbles and climbing on the "big wocks" and especially the perfect ending for every outing -- a treat, in this case frozen custard. There's a custard stand on Rte. 211 heading west toward New Market that has the best black rasberry custard. It's my favorite -- even beats out the dreamsicle cones at Katie's in Woodstock. 

I got an even more special treat - my Mother's Day flowers. While most of the mountain laurel wasn't even close to blooming there was one flowering near the parking lot and close to 211 coming out the mountain road were some beautiful phlox. When I got out to photograph them, I got a special bonus. Two species of butterfly. But the gifts weren't over even then. My darling husband made a surf and turf dinner with all the fixin's. Who could ask for anything more?