Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Fair and Fun Day!

One of my favorite events of the summer is the Shenandoah County Fair. We took our little granddaughter today and had loads of fun!

First stop: the petting zoo to make new friends -- a handful of food helps

Next stop -- the camel ring for a ride on a very tall and handsome bactrian camel (two humps).

Then we went to the animal barns to see the cows, sheep, goats, and "pink piggies," M's favorites. She got to see quite a few since the mama pig had ten little piglets, all pink.
I enjoyed seeing the cows lined up at the outside shower waiting for their turn to be beautified for the judging.

We checked out the arena, but no judging was going on so we took a lunch break before the midway opened.

Ice cream for dessert -- best buy at the fair -- $1 for one huge scoop and $1.50 for two.

Lunch over, time for the highlight of every fair -- the Midway.

We were in line for tickets when a kind man came and gave us a bunch so we didn't have to buy any. It was enough for M. to have six rides including one with me on the ferris wheel. Her favorite was the swing so she did it twice.

We took a ride break to see the exhibits and the prize winners. My favorite was the second prize cake in the youth division. The kids' cakes were better than the adults.

We were hot and tired after a few more rides, so we left and came home to take a dip in the pool -- a great end to a fun day.

Luna Moth Visits Camp K

Our daughter was painting some picture frames in the garage last week after dusk with the door open and the light on. Who should be attracted, but a Luna moth, one of the largest moths with a wing span of about 4 inches. They are considered common but are rarely seen because they only live a week as adults (long enough to mate). The children were fascinated by this beautiful lime-green creature. We couldn't coax him out of the garage that evening, but he made his exit the next morning. Hope he found a sweetie to create a new generation of little lunas.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Baby Girl Arrives!

Welcome, Baby B! Born August 24th


And After....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Camp Kreitzer Swimming Hole Gets a Facelift

When we opened the pool this year we knew it was the time to replace the liner. It was coming away in all the corners and around the filter and the flow point. In May, after weeks of heavy rain, the water table was too high to do it. But after a dry six weeks of summer and after all our Texas campers headed home a week ago, it was time to get the project underway.

The pool people came last Monday and, in no time, the swimming hole was empty and dry. They returned the next day and in only a few hours they had the new liner in and the pool ready for filling. Twenty-two thousand, five hundred gallons later we are back in business with a water temp that started at a brisk 65 degrees.

The new liner is beautiful, as you can see. The darker color makes the pool look much bluer than the old pale liner and I really like the "pebble" look. We went in Saturday for the first time since replacement when the air temp was 90+ and the water temp was 78. It was hot so the water was really refreshing.

So Camp Kreitzer is ready for more visitors, but you better hurry because we'll be closing up soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Joy of Being a Gramma

One of my grandchildren just came up and asked me to come down and sing him a song. "You forgot to come down and sing to me last night," he said.

And that, friends, is the reason we fight so hard for the faith -- so there will be something left for our grandchildren. Ora et labora.

More Drama at Camp Kreitzer/Jurassic Park

I have a window on the world of violence. My office overlooks our side yard which is a hunting ground for a hawk who apparently considers it his personal diner. Two times in the past week the vicious raptor stalked a poor innocent squirrel. The first time the intended lunch hunched on one side of an apple tree's trunk opposite his enemy. When the hawk flew around the tree, the squirrel ran around to the other side. Then he ran up the trunk into the full branches which made him much harder to get at. The hawk finally gave up and flew off.

A few days later, the hunter was back. This time he had the squirrel holed up in our peach tree which offers very little shelter. The squirrel came to the same conclusion and jumped off and ran over to the closest apple tree. The hawk went for him, but the squirrel won the race. At that point Larry went out to interrupt the natural order of things and chased the hawk away. Squirrel rescued! Why we want to rescue the rapacious birdfeeder pirate is beyond me. Just call us soft-hearted.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video of a squirrel with a death wish. When the hawk finishes eating the mouse, the squirrel is likely to be dessert.