Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Save the baby humans!

I'm sure glad I don't put my trust in men or I'd be hiding under the bed after Obama's win. But God is still God and he will not be mocked. I'm afraid all the people who voted their pocketbooks will find out that socialism doesn't improve anyone's lot. As for me, I'm going to renew my efforts in defense of the unborn -- because they are the brothers and sisters of my own precious babies. Just think 1/3 of the children in every birthday year since 1973 have died in U.S. abortion mills. Look at your children's classmates and consider all the missing young ones. What a tragedy for our country: the future doctors, economists, teachers, inventors, writers, composers. All missing -- all those gifts planned for us by God denied.

I am so thankful that one message Larry and I got across well was the value of human life. Thank you, Lord, for our eighteen grandchildren. Please protect them and all the babies who are their brothers and sisters in Christ.

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