Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hiking and Praying on All Souls Day

Sunday is a great day for hiking! Larry and I like to pack up our hiking poles, put rosaries in our pockets and head out for an adventure in God's great outdoors. Today we planned to hike the Mudhole Gap Trail on the western side of the Massanutten Mountain, but we overshot the gravel road and ended up at the Fort Valley Road. So we changed plans, turned left, and headed off to Elizabeth Furnace and the Signal Knob Trail up to Buzzards' Rock Overlook. Signal Knob (a site the Confederates used as a lookout during the Civil War) is a ten mile round trip and too much for our old knees, but the overlook is perfect - three miles up and back with a nice resting place for a Zone bar and an apple. The trail is rocky and all uphill, but that means it's downhill heading back so we weren't complaining. And what a beautiful day! Perfect weather - 60s and sunny. It wasn't even too cool walking in the woods - just beautiful. And the leaves are still colorful. See for yourself. On the way back down we met two men with a young boy and a dog that made us do a double take. She was Shaley sans her beautiful tail. She had the big white blaze in front, again just like Shaley. We thought it was her reincarnation. I just had to take her picture. I forgot to ask her name, but she is beautiful no matter what you call her. Her owner said she wasn't a border collie; she's an aussie. But she sure looked like our Shaley. Almost made me cry since we only put Shaley to sleep in the Spring. We ended our All Souls Day outing with a stop at the cemetery near our home where we prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for all the Poor Souls, and especially prayed for Mom and Dad Kreitzer and Mom and Dad Schneider and, of course, all our brothers and sisters, in-laws, and friends who have gone before us. We hope they are praying for us as well. Every time I see this gravestone I wonder if George Stevens fought in the Civil War. He was the right age and he would probably have been in Stonewall Jackson's army. Think I'll end this with a little video I did through the car window on the way home. Didn't get the prettiest spot on the route, but even so it's beautiful. Come take a hike with us. No matter what your level there's something for everyone and we don't mind if you leave us in the dust. We'll meet you in the parking lot with a snack.

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