Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim Lessons

This week is swim lesson time for the youngest two grandkids at Camp Kreitzer. For more about the swim method go here.

Waiting for class to start.

Teacher explains that it's "One, two, three...under, bubbles, kick."

 Now try it. Swim to the wall and reach up and hold on.

Next it's time to go down and get rings. "Good job! You got two rings."

 In the deep end practice kicking to the wall, holding on, and then climbing out. 

You can do it too, girl!

And off the diving board!

Popsicle rewards for a job well done.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming Soon: Baby B, our new little granddaughter

Well, guess whose coming soon? Our latest grandbaby. We can't call these her "coming out" photos since she's still in. We'll call them her "Welcome to My World" pictures. Can't wait to hold and cuddle the newest Kreitzer grandbaby -- and they are all grand indeed from our oldest "sweet sixteen" to our youngest soon to be born. Let's hear it for grandchildren! Any caption suggestions? I've posted mine.


Why are you waking me up?

 I hate this profile' don't take my picture.

This is my better side!

May I go back to my nap?

No? You really are annoying! Just wait...No sleep for you either!