Monday, November 13, 2017

Crockpot Lasagna for the Busy Mom (or Grandmom)

Leftovers going fast! Glad I made a lot.
I haven't made lasagna in years. Too much trouble. So when I came across a recipe in Slow Cooker Creations, I decided to try it. I tend to fiddle with recipes which I did. I never have tomato paste so I nixed that ingredient and went for spaghetti sauce instead. Even with that, the recipe got too dry as it cooked, so I added more sauce about four hours into the cooking time when the noodles on top appeared to be drying out. I decided the cooking time needed to be seriously reduced and the liquid increased. I mean, really, everything is already cooked before you start so does it really need SEVEN HOURS to finish? I also fiddled with the herbs since I like more oregano. I also added cumin.