Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well, we got back from Texas last night and what a great two weeks! First stop Houston for the wedding of a friend's son and a wonderful visit with daughter Alice and all the Doyle's little belles. Then off to Houston to see Neil and family and spend an overnight celebrating my birthday along San Antonio's River Walk. We stayed at a four-star hotel for a two-star price courtesy of Priceline which I recommend. We also stayed at a three-star enroute home for a Day's Inn price. Good deal!

Everything went too fast and we didn't get in the extra visits with friends. Maybe next time.

One of the special blessings of visiting this time of year was getting an early spring. The bluebonnets were blooming in Texas along with the flowering trees and azaleas. Then coming back through Tennessee we enjoyed the redbuds and ornamental cherries. When we hit Virginia things backed up. The redbuds were just starting to sprout but in Woodstock the Bradford Pears were in full bloom. What a site!

Funny thing -- the daffodils in Tennesee weren't blooming, but they're up in my yard. Well, we got a beautiful show. Add to that the beauty of all those gorgeous grandkids and it was a holiday in paradise.