Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quiet Time at Camp Kreitzer

Things have been pretty busy at Camp Kreitzer since the Spring with the swinging door swinging mostly in. Our daughter recovering from knee surgery will still be coming a few times a week with two-year-old Marianna, but after a seven week visit our Houston family hit the trail yesterday. Five wild women danced off into the sunset. (Actually six if you include their mom who can still dance with the best of them. (Okay, so they didn't actually dance; but drove off in a grey van.)

Camp K is quiet -- too quiet? While they were here we celebrated birthdays, a First Communion, had lots of fabulous fun time. There were outings to the caverns, lakes, and rivers in the area, and lots of pool, trampoline, and swing time. I baked cookies with several little ones and played Labyrinth and other games galore. The puzzles, cars, and blocks got lots of use, but not as much as the dress ups with all those little girls.

Larry and I will enjoy the peace for a few days, but then we'll sigh and wonder how come the refrigerator stays so full of food and the family room is so neat and there are no wet bathing suits in the bathrooms.

When Marianna comes tomorrow, I know she'll ask.... "Where Ella? Where Sophie? Where my cousins?"

My answer will be, "They've gone home again, home again jiggity jig. But they'll be back." We're all praying for a quick sale of their house in Houston so that the "be back" day comes soon.

Meanwhile, Camp Kreitzer has plenty of room for extended family and friends. Y'all come.