Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank God for a neighbor with a snow plow!

Well, our neighbor came over this afternoon and plowed us out so we actually made it to Mass today. Our street is still snowy but Rte. 11 was fine and Int. 81 was clear. We went up to Winchester for Mass because our church only has morning services. We saw a few cars buried along the side of the road. They'll need major shoveling to get out. Our neighbor is going off to the Virgin Islands after Christmas and looking forward to warmer weather. They will be renting a yacht and touring the islands. They deserve a splendid trip for doing a good deed for the needy.

Sounds inviting eh? We will look forward to warmer weather too -- to melt some of the snow before we get more. This will definitely be around for a white Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're snowed in and not getting out anytime soon!

I took this photo of the swimming pool this afternoon and since then the snow has accumulated another four or five inches. When I last check with a ruler it was 17 inches, but when Larry checked it just now (8:30 p.m.) it was 18.5. It's pretty much flurrying now so I think that we are close to the Kreitzer official measurement. Now if only some brownie would come in the night and dig out our driveway.... There is no way we are getting out. It's about 100 feet long and the snow plows have left a mountain at the end. I think we will not be making it to Mass tomorrow. I can't remember the last time that happened. If we check out the road tomorrow and it isn't too slick we may walk. This is a good lesson in what things were like before the automobile.

This is the first year I remember two snowfalls in December. And winter doesn't even start for two days! Is this a harbinger or will it be like the summers when the hottest weather comes in June? Time will tell. One of my grandchildren (can't remember who) told me it would be a hard winter because the caterpillars were dark brown. Was that you, Brendan?

All you grammas out there watch out for reindeer!

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. As Anne Shirley would say, "I suppose it was a romantic way to go for a gramma." But I'm not drinking any egg nog!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hear the Pitter-Patter of Baby Feet!

Neil called a few nights ago with "good news and bad news." He asked if we wanted the good news or bad news first, not a good strategy since I will always ask for the good news first. So he replied, "I'll give you the bad news first. We won't be coming for a visit next summer." My immediate thought was, "Are you moving back to Virginia?" It is a little hope always in the back of my mind. Larry, on the other hand, was more tuned in. "You're expecting a baby!"

Bingo! Must be the scientific mind. Next mid August or so a new little Kreitzer will enter the world stage.

So as we contemplate the Savior's birth we have another little baby on our minds and are already carrying the little one in our hearts.

Little nameless-for-now was heartily welcomed by his/her siblings when Neil and Martina announced the good news. And now Neil's project of the playscape has the future prospect of two more little hands and feet climbing, swinging, sliding, and playing.

Please pray for an easy pregnancy and delivery for this latest little grandchild, number nineteen among the earthly angels. The girls are currently up 10-8. So we will all be excited to see what this new baby does to the balance. (Twin boys would even things out, Martina.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

New desktop -- Some of my favorite little people!

After several weeks of snow and ice and cold weather, I decided it was time for a virtual break. So when my niece, Becky, sent a photo of the kids (five of my grand-nieces and nephews and five of my grandchildren) from last summer enjoying a popsicle break at our pool I decided to make it the "virtual summer escape" from wintery weather. So every time I boot up, I'll blow virtual kisses to my little virtual visitors. Okay, kids, get ready to start taking over the world for Jesus in about 15 years.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse....

I wish that were true, but since last Christmas at least one of the little critters was not only stirring, but chewing and chewing, presumably on a quest for bedding material to make a nest. When I pulled out my Christmas village this year I found my "snow" (which was new last year) had been sabotaged. The mouse didn't make his bed in the box which was filled to the brim with smaller boxes holding the church, the inn, Scrooge's townhouse and all the other acoutrements of the Christmas village, so now I have to wonder where his bed is. Yuck! Will I find lots of little mice somewhere? I hope not. The intrepid mouse hunter is on the trail -- i.e., the game's afoot. He also went and got me new "snow" so I could finish my project which decorates my dining room buffet during the Christmas season.

First Snowfall of the Season: The Kreitzer Cotton Plantation!

One of the things I love about living in Virginia is the change of seasons. Spring brings the glories of dogwood, daffodils, cherry blossoms and azaleas. The summer is filled with plenty of swimming pool and beach weather. Fall in the mountains offers the glories of maples in full scarlet and gold and orange oaks, and the winter brings (at least a little) snow!

Our first snowfall of the season (December 5) was significant for this area - five inches of the heavy wet stuff that clung to the trees and gave us a real winter wonderland. .Unusual though: it looked like cottonballs sticking to the trees just like cotton plants. We had our own virtual cotton plantation. And if you don't believe how similar it was to the real thing, here's a cotton boll to prove it. All I needed to make the picture more perfect was some grandchildren to be picking (and throwing or rolling) those balls. Anyone up for a cottonball fight?