Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The big 50th party and a few extras for fun

My cousin Kathy sent some more photos - a few from Aunt Marie and Uncle Tom's 50th wedding anniversary which Larry and I missed because of the transmission failure and two photos of her brother Tom ice dancing with his partner Nori -- what fun! The photo below is of my sister Susie with Kathy, Aunt Marie, and Kathy's husband Al. I was surprised to see so much resemblance between Susie and Aunt Marie (that beautiful snow white hair helps) and Kathy too (without the white hair). Just shows they all belong to the same happy family.

And this a group shot of some of the Schneider gang. I wish the picture were bigger. If I were better at using photoshop I could probably edit it, but I'm still just learning. Your challenge: pick out the three sets of siblings and the two sets of husband and wife. There's some overlap there.

And here's the happy couple cutting the cake. The pony tail belongs to my brother John (I think) who used to be a clean-cut cop (no doughnut jokes please) before he retired and became a mountain man. I actually like the new look, but then I'm so fond of John I'd like any look he cares to go with.

And here are Tom and Nori. What a fun hobby. I'm lucky if I can stand up on ice skates.

The almost last photo is Kathy and Al's place in Colorado. Kathy's email said, "We are high desert here. All we need is water and we'd have beach front property. How I miss the greenery and fall colors from back east." Well I have to agree we live in a beautiful place, my favorite in all the earth, especially when my grandkids are visiting. My very last photo will be what I hope we get for Christmas. I'm already dreaming about it and humming an appropriate tune. Hugs and kisses and y'all come see us!

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