Friday, July 17, 2009

Watch your step and your spelling!

If you're a parent you know your children never let you get away with anything. A few months ago I wrote a MySpace post saying I was going on a "damn walk." I actually meant I was going on a "dam" walk, as in down to the Burnside Dam. My oldest promptly wrote back that she was going on a "damn run." Now several months later I'm still getting ribbed -- and I'm still also going on my dam walks because I love the view of the dam and the Shenandoah River.

Have you ever heard of the famous "seven bends" of the river? They're famous around here and are a real curiosity of nature. Come visit Woodstock and climb the tower at the top of the Massanutten Mountain for a great view. You can see our house from the tower in the late fall and winter when the leaves are off the trees. It's a mandatory stop for visitors to Camp Kreitzer.


Alice said...

Mom-I have to offer another correction--it was a facebook post. As far as I know, you've never been on My Space--I could be wrong... Anyway, I am grateful for your little spelling slip because I like the idea of a damn walk or a damn run--sometimes that's the only way to get back to a happy place! I love you--let's walk soon.

Jamie said...

And speaking of corrections you were "going on a walk to the damn" =) but who's keeping track? Love you, mom!