Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cake Decorating - for fun and more fun!

I'm not the greatest baker in the world, but I'm always pleased when the kids ask me to make a cake for a special occasion. Here are a few samples from special family events.

For Tara's surprise 3oth birthday party, I made a princess cake which, of course, included Tara's prince charming, her husband Lawrence trumpeting the event.

I also decorated some cupcakes which are much easier and quicker. I considered making different flowers but that would have required more colors which would mean more frosting bags and more tips and I have a limited supply.

One of my favorite cakes is a lamb cake for Easter. The children always enjoy eating a piece of that fluffy little lamb, the part with the most icing of course! And the chicks and jelly beans are also in demand.

Cupcake decorating is a fun activity for a gramma and her little flock. A project I plan to do with the young uns is an alligator. note the chocolate scales - are they peppermint pattie halves? Yum! Since we have an alligator cookie jar they can be friends. Or is it a crocodile? I never can remember which is which.

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