Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Girls

We're getting to the point at our house where there are so many birthdays we are generally celebrating several together. Alice and Tara straddle two months but are only about ten days apart so we had a shared celebration for them with some birthday crowns out of the dressup box. This party was also kind of a diversion to keep Tara from suspecting that Alice had planned a surprise party for her BIG 30 with a fairy tale theme. Check it out. Alice is our social director because she always has great ideas for celebrations whether it's relay games on fourth of July, an obstacle course for a family field day, or a great birthday party theme. We think she should write a book: "Let's Party!"

At the end of July we'll have two birthday boys -- one who will be 37 and the other five...or is it six? Oh dear...this gramma has trouble keeping up with the ages of all 18 grandchildren. They keep changing! Anyway, we'll be looking forward to that party too. Somehow I don't think a fairy tale theme is in the works -- maybe a soccer party.

Actually, I don't only goof up my grandkids' ages. One year (I think when I hit 38) I thought I was a year older than I was. My sister said, "You can't be that old because your only a year and a half older than I am and I'm only going to be 37." Now, how many women add a year to their lives? That gave me a good laugh and the best birthday present of all. It also reminded everybody that I always was absent-minded and should have been a professor.

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