Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Blustery Day

Since groundhog day our Shenandoah County weather has been all over the map. We've gone into spring with temperatures in the 60s, back to winter with snow and ice (it was flurrying this morning), and we've had incredible winds. Last week on the way out to Mass we saw that a section of the fence had blown down. Four or five posts were apparently rotten and they just snapped off. I neglected to take a photo before Larry cleaned it up, But I did take a video of the high winds in action to give you an idea of its sights and sounds. Fortunately it wasn't cold that day so documenting the effects was not an uncomfortable experience. I can't claim to be the intrepid photographer who braves the extremes for a good shot. (Heh heh...)

And here's the gap-toothed opening in our fence. One more spring chore on the to-do list for Larry. Building fences is not in my job description.

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