Sunday, February 1, 2009

More on the Aquarium - Did I mention they have tigers?

We really enjoyed a talk about the white belgian tigers. I think they had four of them. We saw two - absolutely beautiful. They seemed to want to preen and strut for the audience. Some children sitting next to the glass had the excitement of a tiger batting at them just like a giant cat. They wre fun to watch.

The parrot was mixed in among the fish tanks -- I guess it was a rainforest theme. We certainly enjoyed his beautiful colors.

I think the kids (even the big kids) enjoyed the rides most of all. We took about four rides on the carousel and the ferris wheel and two on the train. The train went through a building where it stopped. A tunnel-like aquarium filled with sharks surrounded us. It was fascinating to see all the different types of sharks swimming around us. I didn't take any pictures because I figured the flash would just reflect off the glass, but it was fascinatin.

If you want to check out Sophie's birthday party which we celebrated while we were there you can check it out at Frodo 7. Alice blogged throughout our visit so there's more there if you're interested. As for me and Larry, one of our last outings was early in the morning -- getting up to take Madeleine to Denny's before school. It was a real pleasure to be out with our first grandchild who is blazing the trail for all the rest. Can you guess how much she enjoyed that build-your-own Grand Slam and hot chocolate?

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