Sunday, February 1, 2009

Am I in Texas or Virginia?

The temperature is in the upper 50s and Larry and I just took a dam walk - Burnside dam is just under a mile from here and makes a comfortable round trip rosary walk. The temp today is about what it was for most of our Texas trip so it's a good lead in to blogging on the rest of our Houston trip. One of the highlights was the trip to the aquarium. I've been to the Baltimore aquarium and it's big with hundreds of tanks lined up along a spiral walkway. It's also very expensive - like going to a theme park. I've only been once and I thought it got kind of boring. Somehow looking at tank after tank of fish gets old after awhile. The dolphin show is fun though.

I was really taken with the Houston aquarium though which is small, but has not only fish, but a parrot, some reptiles, and games and rides. The variety made it extra fun.

Mia and Madeleine are fearless but note that grace is keeping arms lengths away from this grinning shark and Sophie is taking off. Where's Dad when you need to be rescued from girl-eating sharks.

Now what kind of fish is that rising up out of the fountain? And what is that little yellow fish below? Heck if I know although I could have told you when I was reading the tank marker. How soon we forget.

Is that Mia's smiling face behind the diver's face mask?

Petting stingrays isn't very scary once you know the aquarium has removed their stingers. But Mia, Paka, Sophie, and Madeleine aren't going to test it.

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