Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of March Lions and Little Ones

March made its entry like the proverbial lion with bitter cold temps, a dusting of snow, and another winter storm predicted for tonight. But the last two weeks have been filled with fun visits from family and our precious littles ones keep our hearts warm and young. Dave and Jes came out for Monday of Presidents' weekend and we had a fun day of games and visiting and celebrating two February birthdays: Matthew's and Jes's. I had a package of Valentine M&Ms and they made very pretty (and easy) decorations for the cake and cupcakes. We also had a festive flower arrangement thanks to Marianna who stayed with us while Jamie and Jonathan went off for a Valentine's dinner at the Melting Pot in Fredericksburg. Larry has been working on painting the office and putting in a laminate floor so the kitchen table was in the family room and my desk was in the kitchen (along with my swivel desk chair). Matthew took the opportunity to go for a merry-go-round ride and I snatched the camera for a quick video.

The next weekend Tara and the kids came out for a visit and I played countless games of Sesame Street dominoes, Memory, and Sorry. Funny, I enjoy playing these things forever with my grandkids but found it a chore when my own children were young. Not sure what that means, but I wish I had played more when I was a young mom and worried less about all the other things I had to do.
But the weekend wasn't all fun and games -- it was also ice cream! Coffee is Brendan's favorite so we always have that on hand when he comes. And French vanilla is a staple for Gramma. Everyone seemed to be happy with the choices. Unfortunately I got no pictures from the roller rink where everyone spent a fun Saturday afternoon except for me and Sean. Tara and I had gone off with Jamie and Jonathan and the babies to the Emporeum to browse while Paka took the older kids to the fun center to roller skate, etc. I dropped Tara off at the rink after our shopping adventure and I took sleeping Sean home to finish his nap. On Sunday Jamie and Jonathan came over for brunch and treated us all to an early visit from the littlest Easter Bunny. What a fun weekend!

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