Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time Out for Snowstorm Fun

Before I get to more on our Texas trip I just have to have a Virginia commercial. I love the changing seasons and always hope the winter brings us at least a few "snow events." We've had a little bit of the white stuff both last week, when Tara's children were here to play and we went sledding, and this week when we just revelled in the winter-wonderland beauty of it.

No, those aren't trees covered with cherry blossoms but our winter fairyland. I love to see the weeping willow covered in snow.

Brendan and Ryan help salt the driveway to make it easier to get out.

I took some videos of the kids sledding but somehow they didn't survive and my low batteries corrupted some photos for uploading them to the blog. Darn! I'll end with a few photos of Tara's children from our fun visit. Brendan's happy here, but Sean is not. I can't recall what happened because he was mostly cheery and getting into everything in sight. This was just one unhappy moment. Did you take his toy, Brendan? (I know he didn't; he's really good with baby brother.)

Lauren and I went to a Victorian bridle shower tea and we learned about how young Victorian ladies sent messages with their fans. We also made tussie-mussies, little flower bouquests that also could be used to send a message. Each flower or green has a particular meaning, but I don't recall them now. We had a wonderful time and Lauren was the perfect Victorian princess. (She wasn't wearing her PJs like she is in this picture.

Ryan wanted a tussie-mussie too and found one for himself in the napkin ring basket. I think the yellow is the perfect match for his green pajamas. The two favorite bedtime songs for Lauren and Ryan were The Ugly Duckling and Thumbelina. I forget how many times I sang them.

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