Monday, September 17, 2012

Life's a Journey...

And today it's a slow one. We saw a truck on fire about ten miles outside Covington, VA on I 64 west - black smoke billowing into the sky until the fire department came and the black smoke changed to white steam. Fortunately no one was hurt and the emergency only delayed us about twenty minutes.

Not to let Virginia outdo her in road emergencies, however, West Virginia had a rainy accident five miles west of Beckley. Traffic was so bad we pulled off the highway and made an instant change of plans. We checked out the local campgrounds and are now snugly ensconced at the Exhibition Coal Mine Campground listening to the rain. Tomorrow before we leave we'll tour the mine and the replica of the coal town including the church, school, superintendent's house, etc. Some changes in plan turn out to be better than the original.

All this highway commotion, however, reminded us why we pray lots of rosaries when we're on the road. No one was hurt in the truck fire thank God -- just buckets of billowing black smoke that turned to white steam once the fire department got there and put the hoses on the fire. The entire front of the truck was demolished. We were thankful there was no gas tank explosion.

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elf said...

Hope you have a safe and fun trip. I think the rain is ending for awhile. Say hello to the family from us.