Friday, September 21, 2012

Bardstown, KY, Most Beautiful Small Town in America

That's what they say in their brochure -- voted by USA Today. Since I haven't been to every small town in America I can't really say whether it's the most beautiful, but it sure is lovely. This was a pilgrimage stop. We visited St. Thomas Church which had a tiny 6-room wooden house adjacent to the church which was the first seminary west of the Alleghenies. They had six seminarians in the early days and in the little museum they had some original correspondence and a schedule of the daily life. We also visited St. Joseph Cathedral and the Abbey of Gethsemane where Thomas Merton lived. We arrived in time to pray Liturgy of the Hours (Sext - noon) with the monks. It was lovely to hear all those male voices singing Gregorian Chant.

 I took lots of photos, but unfortunately the card got corrupted and I can't download them. Hopefully, a photo shop can help because I would hate to lose them all. Bardstown was a great stop and we stayed at a beautiful campground called My Old Kentucky Home State Park. We have found the state and national campgrounds not only a great bargain, but absolutely beautiful. Travelling this time of year it's also pretty easy to get a campsite. I'll post pictures later if I'm able to retrieve them.

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