Saturday, September 22, 2012

Land Between the Lakes

Kentucky is one beautiful state and it has a national recreation area (shared with Tennessee) that is a funland for those who love the outdoors. We had two days there and check out some of what we did.

Took a hike around Hematite Lake
Stopped to watch a great white egret searching for lunch.

This handsome fella was checking us out.

After the lake hike we went to the nature center where they have many animals whocan't be released into the wild for one reason or another. The eagle is an interesting case. She was rescued as a baby but became used to humans to the degree she "imprinted" on them. She never learned to hunt and expects to be fed by her human caretakers. Just call her the welfare eagle. On the other hand, she contributes by posing for photos - so I guess she works for her living as a super model.  

I enjoyed seeing the red wolf. I didn't know there was such a creature. There were two in the enclosure. I climbed over the wooden fence to take a picture through the chain link fence and this fella's partner got nervous and trotted off.

There were also a variety of owls. I've only seen them in the wild once or twice since they are nocturnal, so it was fun to get a view of them up close and personal. The first is a barn owl. Doesn't he look like a monkey? The second is a barred owl who looks more like the wise old owl of children's picture books.

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