Friday, September 14, 2012

Did You See For Greater Glory?

The movie about the Cristeros who fought for religious freedom in 1920s Mexico against the brutal tyrant Plutarco Calles was terrific! I thought the secular reviews panning the film were typical of an anti-Catholic media that salivates over all things "gay" and doesn't have a clue about the things of God.

At any rate, having posted the video of the beautiful friesian horses, I took special note during the film when the general of the Cristeros told the young boy, Jose (a real life martyr), that his horse was the only friesian in Mexico. Just a little bit of trivia for your Friday. And if you haven't seen the film, don't miss it. It is the fastes 2 1/2 hours I've spent in a long time!

Read more about the persecution of Catholics during the Cristero War. Persecution makes martyrs. Viva Cristo Rey!

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