Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rte. 11 Potato Chip Factory

On the way home from Skyline Drive we stopped at the Rte. 11 Potato Chip factory to let everybody select a bag of chips to go with grilled burgers and hot dogs. Ryan was the only one who stepped out of "lightly salted" category going for dill pickle chips. Good choice, Ryan. I like those too. I bought a bag of vinegar and salt for me and Larry. We were late in the day and the cooking was pretty much done so we watched the seasoning and bagging. The cooking and bagging rooms are on the first floor. The seasoning room is upstairs.  Lauren and Sean were calling down to tell me the workers were waving at them.


This is the machine they were watching upstairs through the window behind them. 

We admired the colorful shirts, but didn't buy any.

And here Larry is paying for the chips while his eager helpers wait for their bags. Everyone agreed the chip place was a fun stop on our outing. The last time we went we got to see the peeled white potatoes go from the holder into the giant cutter and then fly into the oil. I think they said it takes about 90 seconds to do 4,000 pounds of potatoes. Wow! 

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