Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Garden begins....

I have a friend who's an uber gardener. She produces an incredible amount on a very small patch. I was in her kitchen a few weeks ago and she had egg shell halves filled with dirt and sprouts lined up on cookie sheets. Each shell was marked with its yield.

Sadly, I am a pathetic vegetable gardener. I have a few herbs in my circle garden. Larry plants a few tomatoes and peppers and that's about it. Well, this year I decided to imitate my friend and start some things from seed. I also plan to pop in some vegetables here and there among my flowers. Who says you can't have red tomatoes contrasting to the golden marigolds or a purple eggplant (which I bought already well developed) thriving next to the lavendar.

I plan to put some container gardens on my deck, some vegetables mixed in with flowers in my Mary garden and more vegetable and herbs out front in my circle garden. Right now my eggshells are on the sunporch, my greenhouse. They should be sprouting in a few weeks and gaining strength for transfer.

Stay tuned for the results!

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