Sunday, April 3, 2011

The circle garden may not be blooming, but the Gramma garden is splendiferous!

Darn! It was supposed to be sunny all day and it started out that way. But the gloom has returned and it is still chilly. Outside my office window I can see the lilac buds starting to swell, but except for the forsythia which has been magnificent for several weeks, the other flowers are hunkering down in the cold afraid to come out. So instead of thinking about the spring flowers in my circle garden, I will think about all the little flowers in my Gramma garden.

This little variety on the left is called "Josie" and can be seen here in pink. She comes in other colors depending on the day of the week and the state of the wash. She's a little Texas rosebud. I took the photo last time we were in Texas sometime after Christmas although she blooms all year. Obviously this little sprig is bigger now.

The next variety is called "Funny Face" and they need to be constantly fed and watered although "water" is not their favorite liquid. Juice and chocolate milk bring out big blossoming smiles. Time and attention to these little flowers is rewarded with lots of laughter.

These are only three of the 19 flower varieties in Gramma's garden, soon to be 20. If you visit regularly, you will get to see them all in their glorious splendor. And take it from me, an unprejudiced source, they are all glorious and splendiferous! 

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elf said...

Yes, indeed, this garden is "splendiferous." Keep sharing!