Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Personal Story about John, who is My Hero!

Having begged for prayers for John, I want to share a personal story that reflects the kindness of my brother and one of the reasons he's so special to me. John is one of those people who really would give you the shirt off his back, not to mention the last dollar in his pocket. And he'd even get under his car to wire up electronic brakes to pull your camper.

Last year Larry and I were off on a two week trip to upstate New York and then to Vermont for my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. We planned to camp in the Cascades and were really looking forward to a beautiful and restful vacation. Well...it didn't quite turn out as we planned.

Three hours into our trip, the transmission on our Trooper blew and we ended up stranded on the shoulder of an exit ramp waiting for double tow vehicles to pull our car and our camper to a service center in Lebanon, PA. It was the start of the Labor Day Weekend and there was no way we were going to get the car worked on for the next three or four days. So there we were in Lebanon hoofing it around town on foot, staying at a Comfort Inn about half a mile from the transmission repair place. We tried to rent a tow vehicle to pull our camper and continue our trip or pull it home. No dice unless we were a business with insurance. Then we tried to rent a car one-way to drive home. Nope! We didn't really want to rent for a week or turn around and come right back, so what to do? Any other alternatives?

Then the lightbulb went on. John will help! He has a Suburban with a tow package. So I called John and without a moment's hesitation he agreed to come and even said he'd enjoy the ride. I told him at the time he was my hero, and so he was and is. Now he's a wounded hero who needs all our prayers and support. You've got 'em, John. I love you!

And please pray for John's children as well, who are camping out at St. Agnes. This is a stressful time for everyone. When times are tough it's best to handle them with prayer.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

This is an update from my sister Laura who visited last night. Please keep praying for John:

Was at hospital again tonight. first time since repirator as I was there several before that and he was in such good spirits. He actually acknowledged interest when i told him he was in the same IC mom was in but that was before the repirator. It peaked his interest. Asked him if he felt her aura. hehe. Prayerfully this time will clear the pneumonia. I believe they will make an attempt to ween him from the repirator tomorrow at some time. Read him some Longfellow tonight and sang him the Christmas jam of Longfellows. Denise said I confused him and he would think he's been here as long a Christmas. It was very funny tonight when I told him Danny was with me I swear his eyebrows raised as his nic for my son Dan is "trouble".