Friday, August 7, 2009

Camp Kreitzer

Ever since we moved to the Shenandoah Valley we've been trying to think of a good name for our property. But after our long procrastination the kids took over the job by calling it Camp Kreitzer. Larry and I decided to get a sign to put on our post and make it formal. So we are now officially Camp Kreitzer.

Unfortunately, there are only two staff members. Nevertheless, the camp still operates somewhat efficiently. Cookies get baked, the grass gets mowed, the pool cleaned, and the weeds (sometimes) get pulled. Our little visitors (and big ones too) seem to enjoy it. (I just saw two in their pajamas walking along the row of pine trees out back and several are jumping on the trampoline. Some of the big campers, aka parents, went running up the mountain to the fire tower.)

We haven't had a visit from the county yet to see what kind of camp we are running, but expect we will at some point. If you're in the vicinity, stop for a visit with the proprietors of Camp Kreitzer. If you're lucky cousins' camp will be in session and you'll get to meet a gaggle of little campers swimming, baking, crafting, dressing up, driving or riding behind the tractor, getting ready to go throw rocks in the river, roasting hotdogs around a campfire, or going on a bear hunt.

Now all we need is a camp song. How about, "Hail to Camp Kreitzer, home of frogs and deer, All critters welcome, Camping's fun out here." Hmmm...may need a little work.

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