Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John May Move to Stroke Rehab Today!

Here's Heather's latest update on her dad (8/11):

This just in: Dad's white blood cell count down today.

Sorry this is going out so late. The television distracted me tonight. It was so nice to veg for a while. We are hoping dad will be moved to kernan tomorrow. Dad has to be without a sitter for at least 24 hours, according to regulation, for this to happen. Currently aunt Susie is at the hospital. She offered to stay overnight again for us. Thank you aunt Susie. Everyone has been so wonderful at rallying around john so far. The family support system has not faltered. Thanks much.

I will be heading in at around 7am tomorrow. Since the sitter was released at 3 pm today, I am hoping the moving process will start tomorrow late afternoon/ early evening. We will see. One step at a time.

Here is the web address for the rehabilitation center we are shooting for:


See you soon,


Keep those prayers coming! Larry and I continue to pray through the intercession of Fr. John Hardon for a full recovery. When we visited on Sunday John was awake and alert. I put holy water blessed by Father on his fingertips and he made the sign of the cross. Then Larry and I prayed the rosary. He joined a little but mostly rested and even nodded off for fifteen minutes or so. We got a picture of him with one of the sitters, Maddy, who was an absolute delight. Thank God for angels like her and another sitter I didn't meet named Beatrice, I think. May God reward them for being ministering angels.

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Alice said...

I am so impressed with Aunt Susie's devotion to her brother. We are praying for Uncle John and the whole family. Miss you.