Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Exotic Critters at Camp Kreitzer

Never a dull moment at Camp Kreitzer. You've heard about swimming with the dolphins. How about swimming with the snakes? Neil was in the pool a few days before they left for home and who should come slithering up alongside him but this handsome critter.

I wish I knew how to add audio because this would be perfect with the jaws music. Someone said it looked like a western diamondback (Yes, that's a rattlesnake!), but actually it's a harmless milksnake and, when you see his actual size, not quite as intimidating.

So the critter census in the past few weeks is: one bear, dozens of little frogs, three crayfish, at least a dozen deer, lots of apple-gathering squirrels, countless visits to the hummingbird feeder by ruby-throated hummers and their mates, and an occasional chipmunk. Haven't seen any groundhogs so maybe the two we captured and took on a trip to the dam were the only ones.

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