Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Grandkids and Fun With Baby Goats

Dave and Jes went skiing yesterday with Rachel and Alex so we had the fun of a day with Zack and Matthew. We started out with the traditional Paka breakfast - pancakes, always a favorite. (Although for some reason Matthew didn't eat his.) After getting dressed we drove over to the North Mountain Vineyard to get some wine for Alice and Chris. (Tom's Brook Red is their favorite.) Larry gave up wine for Lent but I tasted a few to add a few bottles to our winerack. They have a great Claret and Chardonnay. The boys were a little rambunctious so Larry took them outside where they wandered among the vines and met up with a Clysedale. He was in the back at the top of the hill so I missed him. But we got to see plenty of other critters during the day. Matthew complained that he was hungry (next time eat your breakfast, Matthew) so we went home for mac and cheese and then headed out to the Owen's house to see the goats. But first we stopped for a quick photo of the baby lambs in the field at the top of the hill. They were born in late January or early February. Brrr... But they seem to be doing fine and have grown a lot in the past month. There will no doubt be lots more added to the flock in the next few weeks as all the spring lambs come to term. Then it was on to the Owen's house to see the little goats. Zach wasn't interested in having his picture taken, so most of the goat photos were with Matthew. They were funny, nibbling our guide (Eddie)'s jeans. Goats will eat just about anything although all the little ones eat right now is Mama Goat.

We had a great day and stopped at Sheets on the way home for kid treats. Dave and Jes also had an enjoyable day. Rachel and Alex decided skiing is fun. Rachel said going down the bigger hill was a little scary, but "really fun." They all came home tired and happy. When both the A team and B team have a great day, you know it's been a successful outing for all. (Paka and I look forward to our next grandkid adventure!)

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