Friday, March 13, 2009

Marianna and the Movies

Jamie and Jonathan have taken advantage a few times of nearby babysitters to get a break and go to the movies. We are always happy to fill in. I call my grandchildren lambs and birdies because those precious little quadripeds always remind me of innocence and the tiny baby birds are always chirping with wide open mouths like hungry babies. I'm an avid bird watcher (and bird feeder) so I call the video below Feeding the Little Birdy. She does remind me of a baby bird in the nest calling mom and dad to hurry it up with the goodies to deposit into that little open mouth.

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Jamie said...

lol I finally got this video to work!! Wow, what a cute baby =) Thanks for posting this. She does like her food...and preferably the real stuff- not so fond of jarred baby food.