Monday, September 22, 2008

This is for Brendan: Paka 1 - Groundhog zero

While Brendan, Ryan, and Lauren were visiting we decided to engage in the groundhog wars. The groundhog was eating our tomatoes. We wouldn't have minded sharing a few, but he would take a bite out of lots as if to say, "I'm looking for the best and you can have the rest." Well, that just wouldn't do. So Brendan and Paka went and bought a trap and baited it with (what else?) tomatoes...and lettuce, carrots, etc.

Well, the groundhog did not take the bait until after Brendan went home. The next day there he was fat and sassy and not a bit happy in the cage. We took him down to the dam and let him go -- and did he go.

Please pardon my sideways picture; I'm still learning. I must have been holding the cameral sidewise at the start.

Addendum: We were very happy we caught the groundhog and not a skunk!

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