Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close to home can be beautiful!

I love blogging and I love my family, so what an adventure to do both at once. I wanted to create a space where I can post pictures from fun family events and also share some of Larry's and my adventures in camping, etc. For my first post I'll share an adventure that wasn't quite what we expected. On August 28th we headed out in our 1999 Trooper towing our Trailmanor hard-sided popup for a two week camping trip to upstate New York. We were going to end up at my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary in nearby Vermont. Three hours on the road (after a very nice lunch in Chambersburg, PA) the transmission blew. Fortunately as smoke poured from the rear we were able to get to the next exit and pulled off on the shoulder next to the stop sign. So much for our plans. Thank God for AAA.
We spent the next two days in Lebanon, PA stranded trying to figure out our next move. It was a holiday weekend -- no hope of getting a repair until the next week at the earliest. After our attempts to rent a tow vehicle and continue our trip failed and being turned down on a one-way rental to go home, I called dear brother John (my hero) who drove up with his suburban and towed us home. We moped for two days and decided we needed an alternative trip, so we threw a few things in a bag and took a short drive up to Skyline Drive where we checked into Skyland and spent three days hiking, horseback riding, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. (The video is one of my first attempts and gets a little crazy at the end because I didn't realize it was still filming.) We were sorry to miss the 50th wedding anniversary, but enjoyed our three days in the mountains.


Martina said...

oh wow!!! i'm glad you're all doing ok, though. we're keeping you in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

i'm glad you love blogging too! isn't it the best??!!

elf said...

Thanks for sharing. Good luck, Larry--you are in my prayers and on the prayer list at church.

Glad you were able to bounce back from your disappointment on the trip and have a successful alternative.