Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos from our Skyline Dr. Trip. Come Visit!

Here are some more photos from our alternative trip - not in any order. That's John under the car hooking up the gadget to connect the brakelights on the camper before towing us home. The landscape view is from the highest peak on Skyline Drive, Hawksbill Peak. I got Larry with his mouth full eating lunch on a bench along the Limberlost Trail which is handicap accessible and there I am checking out the trail map and the trail guidebook on the patio at Skyland lodge. The last picture is the tunnel at Mary's Rock, the only tunnel on the Skyline Drive. There's a great story board there showing pictures of the workers blasting through the mountain to make the tunnel. What an incredible feat.
Come visit us and we'll take a ride up to the Drive. We have a liftetime pass and it truly offers some views of a lifetime.
But wait until Larry recovers from his surgery. For those who don't know, he has early stage prostate cancer and will have robotic laporosopy (Did I spell that right?) on Thursdayat George Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. He'll only be in overnight and then home recuperating. From all reports the recuperation is quick and he should be feeling pretty good within just a few weeks. Please keep him in your prayers.

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Lauraelaina said...

Good idea...wish you would have come up to Vermont though. I know Aunt Marie and Uncle Tom would have loved you to be there.
Love, Laura