Monday, September 22, 2008

Of ponies, bullfrogs, and bears.

We've had lots of visitors this summer and sometimes visits correspond to fun events --like the parish picnic. Tara and Lawrence were off to a wedding in Michigan with Sean, but Brendan, Ryan, and Lauren came to see "Gamma" and Paka. The kids really enjoyed the picnic with the horse and pony rides, the mini moon bounce, and the fish tank. Ryan played the cornhole toss game and got all the bags in the hole. (standing right at the end of the wooden platform - hey, it's a start.)

Later in the afternoon Brendan rescued a big fat bullfrom from our pool for the second time during the weekend. That fella just won't stay in the pond - must like the taste of chlorine.

Then we got a call on Monday from a neighbor that there was a bear in a tree down at the end of our road. Sure enough, the poor little creature had gathered a crowd and did not look happy about all the attention.

Living out here in the Shenandoah Valley is a never-ending-adventure. We love it! Come see us and bring your kids and grandkids.

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