Sunday, April 25, 2010

Springtime Visitors and Birthday Fun

I love visits from the grandchildren which keeps me on my toes thinking of fun ways to keep them entertained and cheerful. A never-failing activity is baking, and when birthdays are coming we have a special reason to don our aprons and wash our hands (the first two rules of the cook) and get busy.

April is a big birthday month among the Kreitzer clan, but late March begins the season so we have been doing plenty of baking. Here's the result. These birthday cupcakes were spring flowers. I took some closeup pictures but somehow they disappeared from my camera. Must have been a bad battery or I erased them by mistake. But if you look closely you can get the idea. I have a little cupcake book that has loads of ideas. Ryan liked the snowman so I saved a few cupcakes and he and Lauren each made one.

The most recent birthday we celebrated was Uncle Chris who was a good sport as you can see from the happy birthday prince(ss) crown. He got cherry dream bars for his "cake." I only had one egg and it was the only recipe I could find that fit the limitation. Nobody complained.

If you want to celebrate your birthday at Camp Kreitzer we love to party!

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