Monday, April 26, 2010

A Noisy Project Started Today

We've stripped all the carpet from the upstairs. After seven years of grandchildren (ours) and dogs (not ours) demolishing the carpet: wetting on, vomiting on, coloring with permanent markers, etc. we decided it was time for a cleaner alternative. Let's hear it for wooden floors! (Tip: permanent marker can be removed from hardwood with toothpaste and a soft brush.)

Ten or 15 years ago (or even a few years ago) we would have worked this project ourselves. I helped lay flooring and a deck in our old house and Larry did our family room and office a few years ago here. But the number of projects is getting out of hand for the limited crew at Camp Kreitzer. So Larry pulled up the carpet and hauled it to the dump, but we hired a professional to lay the floor. Chip arrived this morning to start and is already almost halfway done with the master bedroom. When he's finished we'll buy a few area rugs for noise control and enjoy the easier cleaning and less dust. Camp Kreitzer is definitely getting a new look in the sleeping area. Here are a few photos in progress.  And, by the way, if you live in the Shenandoah Country or thereabouts, we heartily recommend Chip who is a real craftsman at what he does. He tiled our bathroom floors (Why would anyone want wall to wall carpet in a bathroom?) and did a first-rate job. We feel really blessed to have found him!

The underflooring is exposed and ready for the doctor. 

It helps to have the necessary tools.

The unfinished section of the master bedroom after a morning's work.

How it's going to look when it's done.


Libby Burris said...

Very, very pretty! We also had carpet in the bathrooms! We yanked it up as well. I know you are going to enjoy your new floors. Keep posting pics.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Libby, I don't know where your other comment went. When I posted only one came up. Must be a techie goof on my part.

I enjoy posting pics of our projects. Next it's the thinning out of the bamboo forest. Now...if only we had a panda bear...and goats for the grass.