Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brr...That Ice Cream is Cold!

Lots of firsts this month: first trip to Katie's Custard for the season, first jump on the trampoline (which survived a close call from a falling pine tree during the big snows), first bonfire and cookout. We're really looking forward to the first campout of the season, but it may be awhile because we are babysitting all week.

Daughter Jamie hurt her knee about two months ago and has been hobbling around on crutches, visiting doctors, and being pretty much laid up. Grandaughter Marianna has been coming every week day and was here for our first trip to Katie's Custard. One trip was all it took for her to start saying "Katie's" often. So I guess we'll have to reward that addition to her vocabulary with another trip. The photo on the left shows the brrrrr look. We asked her if the ice cream was cold and she tensed her body and shook and said, "BRRRRRR...." But that didn't keep her from enthusiastic licking.

As for that first campout, maybe we'll take Marianna along. She can join in the first (short) hike of the season. Maybe we can coax a few other grandkids along. (Actually it's the parents who have to be coaxed because of the kids' schedules! The kids can't wait!) 

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