Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter weather and global warming

Larry and I just returned from a Knights of Columbus function in Virginia Beach which was not the pleasantest place to be in frigid temperatures which stayed in the 20s or close to it. When we ventured out into the wind it reminded me of the superheroes who can freeze things with their breath. Would I shatter and collapse like a cartoon ice sculpture? Sure felt like it.

The hotel had a suana and hot tob so I went and sat and pretended it was summer. But the illusion couldn't last for long.

"I need some global warming," I told Larry. And I'm not the only one. All over the world frigid temps and lots of snow is the norm. In the midwest temperatures are colder in many places than in parts of Alaska and Canada. Cities in Iowa were registering below zero joining neighboring states to the east, west, and north. Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan were experiencing record temperatures and snow. Brr.... But that didn't keep USA Today from running an editorial telling us all that global warming is still a fact and that we should ignore the temperatures because the ice caps and glaciers are melting, etc., etc. Well they sure aren't melting today. In case these "scientists" haven't noticed, when temperatures are lower all over the planet, things are freezing. And when the weather gets hotter, things melt. You can do this experiment in your kitchen by using three ice cube trays of water. Put one in the freezer, one in the fridge, and one on the counter. Which one will freeze?

Another editorial by a silly woman discussed the excessive impact of "global warming" on peiople of color because they live in urban areas. I think she was talking about air pollution, but, hey, why get fussy here. If she wants to use smog as proof of global warming, who can argue with her? It's already obvious she isn't a critical thinker. If an acorn hits her on the head, she no doubt will announce to the world that the sky is falling.

John Dewey believed that education was an instrument for controlling the masses and it's pretty clear that several generations of public education has equipped people to be led around by the nose by the elites among us. They will tell us what to think, lecture us on what to drive and eat, and will make all our decisions for us including how to spend our money (since they will take most of it). But take heart. They will allow you to choose the reason you need to be rescued. Your choice: a.) saving the planet, b.) saving the children, c.) protecting you from terrorism, d.) saving you from bad cholesterol, e.) ensuring you against PED, or e.) other. Take your pick.

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

John Dewey was quite the snake in the grass. He's regarded (correctly enough) as the "father of modern education". He signed the original Humanist Manifesto and was a fan of Leon Trotsky.