Monday, January 4, 2010

Sledding with imagination

What to do when you have snow for sledding, but no snow boots and three kids but only one plastic sled? Well, first you solve the boot problem with plastic bags and rubber bands and then you turn to the sled challenge. Yes, you can share and take turns, but then use your imagination. What else did we have that could work as a sled? How about a swim tube? And would a baby pool work? Boogie boards are the right shape. Brendan, Ryan, and Lauren tried them all out, but we all agreed the sled was best. (Brendan even tried a swimming kick board but it was a little small.) I tried the boogie board sitting, but it turned backwards halfway down the hill which gave me an interesting ride. My experience with the baby pool was that it was a hard on the tailbone, but otherwise worked well and the kids didn't seem to mind. Check them out. Snow and kids is definitely a recipe for fun! And it gives this grandma an excuse to play. (As if I need one.)

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Alice said...

How creative. I bet it was much better than just regular old sledding. I'll have to ask Mr. B to write me a report comparing the various forms of transport you tried :)