Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hear the Pitter-Patter of Baby Feet!

Neil called a few nights ago with "good news and bad news." He asked if we wanted the good news or bad news first, not a good strategy since I will always ask for the good news first. So he replied, "I'll give you the bad news first. We won't be coming for a visit next summer." My immediate thought was, "Are you moving back to Virginia?" It is a little hope always in the back of my mind. Larry, on the other hand, was more tuned in. "You're expecting a baby!"

Bingo! Must be the scientific mind. Next mid August or so a new little Kreitzer will enter the world stage.

So as we contemplate the Savior's birth we have another little baby on our minds and are already carrying the little one in our hearts.

Little nameless-for-now was heartily welcomed by his/her siblings when Neil and Martina announced the good news. And now Neil's project of the playscape has the future prospect of two more little hands and feet climbing, swinging, sliding, and playing.

Please pray for an easy pregnancy and delivery for this latest little grandchild, number nineteen among the earthly angels. The girls are currently up 10-8. So we will all be excited to see what this new baby does to the balance. (Twin boys would even things out, Martina.)


Martina said...

Twins are not entirely out of the picture, at least genetically speaking from my end, but I make *no* promises. ;)

We will update you with our official baby name once we vote this evening. :)

Gargamella Creations said...

I hope she doesn't deliver this baby in the car!

Jamie said...

Well, I would think at this rate the car is a plus...I mean think of the other options: the bathroom floor, at the kitchen table, the sidewalk outside of the car. The car is looking pretty good- as long as it's not my car ;)

Martina said...

ok, it's official. baby will be referred to as L.B. Fiddlesworth - until we know if we are having a boy or a girl. L.B. stands for "little baby". :)