Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three days of sunshine -- a new record!

When I got up this morning I was shocked to see the sun shining -- again. That's three days in a row! We've had so much rain in the last month that walking around our property is like walking on a sponge. But thankfully it dries out quickly once the sun gets back to work. It must have cheered up the bluebirds because one was looking in the birdhouse outside my office.

I wonder if it's the same papa who already raised one brood. The good weather must have him thinking of another. I was delighted to see him again. Since they raised their family and moved out things have been a little too quiet outside the window. Fortunately my hummingbird feeder attracts lots of little hummers so I can't get too lonely, but there is something special about the bluebirds. We missed the fledglings flying -- such a short window of opportunity. I'd love a second chance. It only takes 17-18 days to raise a baby bluebird. Not too far off from human babies, right? Just change the days to years. And in retrospect that went pretty fast too. Cherish the moments -- they speed by too quickly.

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