Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why are you using toxic chemicals in your garden?

....I sprayed the weeds in my circle garden a few days ago....with vinegar.  Why would anyone use toxic chemicals when good, old, cheap, white vinegar does such an outstanding job? Actually I don't mind weeds in the lawn. Dandelions are a great nectar source for the bees and so is chickweed. But my gardens are another matter.I like to keep the paths clear of prickly things and I enjoy a little order in my otherwise chaotic life. Also, pulling weeds is good therapy and I don't like to spray anything in the garden beds themselves.

Now check out the results of vinegar as a weedkiller.

This is a broad-leafed weed common in the garden path and around the outside.

This is the same weed thirty minutes after spraying with 100% vinegar

Same weed three days later.

This is a narrow-leafed weed that grows like ground cover.
Compare weeds onthe  path to the same  non-sprayed weeds in garden bed.
Yes, it's high time people stopped using toxic chemicals when good, old-fashioned home remedies work as well or better. Vinegar is one of my favorites. It's a great cleaning agent as well!

And here's a picture of my circle garden with the lavender in bloom and. attracting our honeybees. Not too much color at present but my daylilies are about to bloom and they will brighten things up considerably. And now....I need to refill my sprayer and finish the job of spraying all the weeds on the outer edge of the garden. Why is it that weeds always grow so much more easily than everything else?

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